West Automotive Products


West Automotive Products has been manufacturing clutch alignment tools since 1983. The tool is a critical component during the replacement installation of a manual clutch transmission. It reproduces the input shaft of the transmission, and keeps the disc perfectly aligned to the flywheel while the clutch cover is installed. Afterwards, mechanics remove the tool and insert the input shaft while re-installing the transmission.

Today, clutch alignment tools come standard in nearly every clutch kit on the market. West Automotive Products produces a tool for almost every make and model of car or truck made globally, with more than 200 unique designs for consumer automotives and heavy rigs.

In addition, we have been steadily expanding our products for the agricultural industry, and currently have over 50 clutch alignment tool models designed to meet the needs of agricultural equipment.

We continue to keep ahead of the aftermarket by researching new applications as newer models become eligible for a clutch replacement. Likewise, we work directly with our customers’ R&D departments to design and deliver new tools when requested and needed.


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