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West Automotive Products is built on our ability to provide quality products for a wide-range of engine types on time, helping our customers fulfill their own manufacturing schedules and bring their products to market.

Founded in 1983. Our core service is the design, fabrication and delivery of clutch alignment tools that are used in aftermarket clutch kits for thousands of engine types. Using an injection mold process, we currently produce more than 200 unique clutch alignment tools for consumer automobiles, large rigs and agricultural vehicles across North America, in addition to Central American and overseas markets.


  • 100% product quality guarantee. If our products do not meet your needs we will exchange them for new product or the original amount paid.
  • 100% fill rates on all purchase orders (including low volume products).
  • All Purchase orders shipped to meet your delivery requirements.
  • Custom-made alignment tools for new and existing applications.

Don West, who founded West Automotive Products, was a mechanic, an entrepreneur and an inventor. He understood the importance – and the difficulty – of aligning the disc and flywheel during a manual transmission clutch replacement, and sought to create a tool that would bring more precision to the process. After creating his initial designs using wooden dowels, he eventually evolved his process to using custom plastic injection molds, thereby setting the framework for West Automotive Product’s future growth within the automotive industry.

Before his passing in 2002, West went on to create a family of products, in addition to the clutch alignment tool, that are still in use today. These include the Quick Disconnect, Seal Installers, Transmission Plugs and the Timing Chain tool.


Our streamlined design and manufacturing process occurs directly in our Oregon-based manufacturing facility, and requires no outsourcing. We are constantly researching the automotive market to stay ahead of industry needs, and also work directly with our customers’ R&D departments to design tools as needed, thereby fulfilling their manufacturing and product requirements.

Our injection mold process uses 100% post-industrial material, and we are equipped to re-fabricate any byproducts our process creates, thereby completely minimizing our own industrial waste.

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