Transmission Plugs

Keep shop floors clean and transmissions dust-free.

Transmission plugs are used during removal, replacement and storage of transmissions. They help drastically reduce fluid spills, thereby minimizing messes on clothing and shop floors. In addition, the perfect-fitting plugs can be left in the transmission during storage and/or transportation to prevent dust and debris from finding their way into the interior.

Produced in our Oregon-based manufacturing plant, all of West Automotive Product’s transmission plugs are made of durable, chemical resistant polymer, and can be reused.

Transmission Plugs Application Catalog:


General Motors (large)Olds, Pontiac, Chev &Cadillac, Blazer, Grand Sport,Late Muncie 4-speed. 1.890″

General Motors (small)200 & 350 trans., Chev P/UGMC P/U, Opel, Stude., Lark, Honda Accord, Civic Prelude, Colt, Le Car, Quantum, Jetta, Scirocco, Toyota 4 & 5 spd. Ford (small) C-4 trans., Mustang V-8, Comet, Cougar, Falcon V-8, Fiesta Mazda GLC & 626 1.500″

Ford (large) C-6 trans.,Mercury, Oldsmobile, Lincoln, Pontiac, Cadillac. Chrysler (large) TF 727 trans. Dodge, Plymouth, Buick Riviera, Cavalier, Omega, Celebrity, Frenza Skyhawk, Centry, Phoenix, Citation, Cierra, Pontiac J-2000, Cimarron. 1.700″

Imports-Domestic Pinto,Fairlane, Falcon, Maverick, Volvo, Datsun, Mazda, Comet, Mustang (6-cyl) Cortina, Escort, Mazda GL & DL, VW Trans Axle, Lynx, Tempo, Saab 99 1.375″

Chrysler (small) TF 904 trans.Dodge 6, Plymouth 6, Dart,Valiant, Barracuda, Fiesta, Horizon,Sapporo, Reliant, Arrow, Omni, 024, Aries, 400, 600, Stanza, Sentra. 1.570″



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